Do you want to carry out changes to your plant or run a diagnosis yourself and need the current software and parameter settings? Even after BNA has just processed an order for you or accessed your plant from a remote location? No problem – we keep you up-to-date!

Mutual work on your plant requires a common database. Even if BNA has made a change the day before because you asked for remote access, for example, you must be able to obtain the current software or parameter settings the next day.

BNA saves the software and parameter settings after each change in the directory that is kept with us for your plant on the same day. Every night, your plant's software and parameters are copied to our ftp server and placed at your disposal. You thus have access to your plant's current status at any time.

Vice versa, we can upload the current programme status after each change and place this at your disposal in the area of our server that is reserved for you.