The clarity and completeness of the specifications are crucial for the detail engineering of switchgear, I&C cabinets and field devices. In a structured, object-based process we therefore develop the detail engineering for the electrical system from a multi-project database.

BNA uses the project planning tools of leading manufacturers. When it comes to choosing a tool for a specific project, we take our customers' preferences into account. Our favourites are EPLAN, ELCAD or WSCAD. We take the range of electrical resources available on the market and the specifications of our client into account during the project planning process.

We plan combinations of low-voltage switchgear for use in Germany and the EU in accordance with DIN EN 61439. BNA has developed a design verification system for combinations of switchgear up to 1,600 A on the basis of this standard. We build systems over 1,600 A according to the design verifications of the original manufacturer. If the systems are to be used outside the EU, our work is based on the respective applicable standards and we cooperate with appropriately approved testing institutes.