When you want 100 percent

BNA sees itself as an independent system integrator. We resort to SCADA and process control systems from leading manufacturers for our automation solutions. And for operational data acquisition, energy management and MES we use our product TIBS – Technical Information and Control System. When it comes to maintenance, inspection, repair and improvement, our new product anexio® maintenance management is the solution of our choice.

SCADA and process control systems that are available on the market largely cover the functions required on the control and process control level. Special products that are better suited to fulfil the customers' requirements are available for data archiving and logging, operating data acquisition, energy management and MES functions on the operations control level.

BNA has powerful software products for the operations control level with its TIBS and anexio® families of products. As the developer of the applications, we are also able to fulfil the last 10 percent of customer requirements by creating the necessary interfaces, integrating third-party products or programming a customised application.

The new anexio® product line has been available on the market since October 2021, where TIBS – technical information and operating system – and anexio® maintenance merge. However, support will be provided for both previous products.