Reservoirs have a wide range of tasks: raw water catchment, flood protection, energy generation and low-flow augmentation. The management objectives derived from these tasks, however, are in conflict with each other. The reservoir should be well filled for drinking water supply, be as empty as possible for optimum flood protection, have a constant effluent for stable energy generation, be able to be controlled depending on the level of the flowing waters for low-flow augmentation.

Reservoirs also place very high demands on instrumental monitoring and the control systems' reliability from the point of view of safety. The seepage quantity, foundation water pressure, displacement to the plumb line and extension, influent quantity and quality and water level have to be measured, the withdrawal of water and drainage via the sluice way have to be controlled, access to the works has to be checked and much more besides.

BNA has equipped more than 40 reservoirs, diversion tunnels and flood protection works with electrical, control and monitoring technology and can supply plenty of technical solutions for integrating sensors, monitoring works and their influents, controlling safety-relevant drives and drawing up statutory reports. BNA provides tried and tested solutions for reservoir level and ecological control to help reservoir operators achieve their wide range of management objectives.



Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt, visualisation and data archiving


Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung, reservoir control and monitoring


Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung, Telecontrol system for three reservoirs


Wupperverband, reservoir control and monitoring


Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung, control of raw water discharge

Central database

Thüringer Fernwasserversorgung, data management for 35,000 data points