Spare parts procurement, software modification or preventive maintenance – all this requires knowledge of electrical, control and process control technology. The key to success is to preserve knowledge and keep documentation up-to-date. We offer a comprehensive package of organisational and technical measures to secure and update the knowledge about your plant.

Preservation of knowledge already begins at the investment stage. We therefore integrate a BNA service team member in the project team. He gains an insight into the location and plant and can later carry out any maintenance and help with any malfunction once your plant has been commissioned.

On completion of a project, BNA appoints a person who is responsible for the plant and is your permanent and fixed contact person throughout the plant's lifetime. He will also provide you with advice when it comes to any conversion of your plant, help you with troubleshooting via remote access or optimisation of your plant.

Data storage and back-ups continue beyond the completion of a project. The current revision status is stored in dedicated directories after each modification and backed up daily. The current software status and the project documentation can thus be retrieved at any time.